Established in 2017, Premium Cellular is a wholesale provider offering massive discounts on affordable phone plans and free cell phone use for qualified loyal members.

Through our service, you can gain use of any of the latest phones on the market for free at affordable pricing through leading carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint)! Another awesome member perk is the free upgrades available every two years. This guarantees our members are equipped with the latest technology while saving thousands on cell phone costs by eliminating the exorbitant cost of traditional cell phone plans.


close up of smarphone in womans hands
  • Flat rate billing for transparent and comprehensive costs without any hidden terms or conditions. 


  • Insurance included FREE for worry-free use of the latest, cutting-edge phone models available.


  • Stay with existing carrier, keep current phone number, and use your existing phone — until you decide it’s time upgrade!

Make Premium Cellular your go-to phone and service plan today! Set up the best and most affordable phone plans that you and your whole family can enjoy!