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Our Services

Established in 2017, Premium Cellular is a wholesale provider offering massive discounts on service plans and free phone upgrades to qualified loyal members. Through our service, members can get any phone on the market for free while enjoying affordable phone plans and services through leading carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Another awesome member perk is the free phone upgrades available every two years. This guarantees our members are equipped with the latest technology while saving thousands on cell phone costs by eliminating the exorbitant cost of traditional cell phone plans.


Affordable Phone Plans From Top Carriers

If you are looking for an affordable phone plan alternative than purchasing directly through carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, then look no further than Premium Cellular! We provide some of the highest quality and most affordable phone plans on the internet, allowing you to stay with your existing carrier and keep your same phone number while saving up to 40% on your current phone bill!

Free Phone Upgrades

With Premium Cellular, you can choose to keep your existing phone or upgrade to a brand new model of any device on the market for free when you sign up for one of our affordable phone plans. Yes, you heard that right — free! Whether you are looking to purchase the latest iPhone model, a Samsung Galaxy, or another mobile device, you now have that option. As long as you are partnered with us, you have free use of a brand new phone along with insurance for worry-free use.


Flat-Rate Billing With Free Insurance

There is nothing worse than signing up for a phone plan and getting unexpected fees from hidden terms or conditions. With Premium Cellular, all of our affordable phone plans come with flat-rate billing so you will never be unpleasantly surprised on the day you receive your phone bill. Our plans also include free insurance for worry-free use of your new, cutting-edge mobile phone.

Make Premium Cellular your go-to phone and service plan today. Not only do we provide customers with affordable phone plans, but a portion of your monthly bill is contributed directly to the charity of your choice within our network. This means that by using our services, you are also helping non-profit charitable organizations! We also reward our customers for referrals, which you can learn more about by giving us a call today and setting up the best and most affordable plans for you and your whole family to enjoy!